Why Do I Teach?

I was following the #zetacon hashtag this morning where Kevin Honeycutt was delivering a keynote. He asked “Why do you teach?” We often talk about how we teach at school and district PDs, grade level meetings, EdCamps, and conferences, where we discuss best practices and tech integration. It is important to continue these conversations.

As we start the upcoming school year, I would like to ask you “Why do you teach?” This is a question that really made me stop and think about myself and my practice. Yes, I would like to support expressive, independent musicians, but this is quite content specific. I needed to think deeper and broader.

I ask you to do the same.

I made a short video reflection about why I teach.

Please consider sharing your thoughts in a video response or in the comments below. If you choose to share your video response, please use the #iTeach hashtag on Twitter.

Have a great school year and remember why you became the teacher you are today.

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